We Are With You In All Your Export Processes

We Are With You In All Your Export Processes

03 Jan 2023 Published on.

Due to the shrinking domestic market conditions, the importance of foreign trade, especially exports, is increasing day by day. For this reason, the scope of state supports for exports, especially the Ministry of Commerce, is constantly being expanded.

We minimize your export expenses with government supports

However, our companies that want to export must first determine the right market for themselves and then reach the potential importer in the market, that is, the lead customer. The process is just beginning with the discovery of buyers for the products of our exporters. At this point, it is of great importance to properly transport the products to the buyer, to insure them, to arrange the documents properly for customs procedures, and most importantly, to collect the product price.

Foreign trade basically has 3 stages. These are called export, import and transit trade. Below are the consultancy services we provide in the 3 stages of foreign trade;

1-Export Foreign Trade Consultancy

2-Import Foreign Trade Consultancy

3-Transit Foreign Trade Consultancy

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