Turkey 2022 Export Evaluation and 2023 Planning

Turkey 2022 Export Evaluation and 2023 Planning

30 Dec 2022 Published on.

Turkey's Performance in 2022

According to the data announced by the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Turkey's 2022 export performance increased by 12.9% compared to 2021 to 254.2 billion dollars. If this situation is evaluated on a country-by-country basis, while an increase in exports are observed in 162 countries, it is seen that the highest share belongs to Saudi Arabia with an increase of approximately 300%.

When evaluated as export value, the 10 countries with the highest export value are given in the table below:

Country2022 Export Figures
Share Rate in Total Exports (%)
United States14.362.538,876.34
United Kingdom12.250.528,075.41
Russian Federation7.652.341,373.38
Total (Top 10 Countries)76.268.739 33.66
The sum of 2022226.596.266 100.00

Looking at the table, especially Germany; The USA, the United Kingdom, Italy and Iraq appear as the 5 countries with the most exports. T.C. Germany, USA, United Kingdom and Iraq, which are on the list of 2022 export target countries published by the Ministry of Commerce; It has export figures worth 18 billion dollars, 14 billion dollars, 12 billion dollars and 10 billion dollars, respectively. The share of the top 10 countries, which have the highest potential in exports, in total exports is approximately 34%.

In terms of sectoral, Turkey showed its highest performance in the industry with 185 billion dollars, and the chemicals and products sector increased its exports by 31.9% compared to the previous year and reached 33.5 billion dollars. While the automotive sector ranks second with 31 billion dollars, the ready-to-wear and apparel sector ranks third with an export value of 21.2 billion dollars. If a comparison is made with 2021; There is a decline of approximately 4% in fresh fruit and vegetable exports, 22.4% in hazelnuts and products, 13.3% in carpet exports and 13.8% in jewelry exports

Turkey's 2023 Planning

Looking at the plans for 2023, 51 countries in total, especially the USA, Germany, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Morocco, have been determined as the target country [1]. According to the published 2023 strategy plans, the resources allocated to support exports will be increased, sector and country diversification strategies will be created, focus will be provided on priority target countries and technical legislation compliance studies will be carried out to facilitate the entry of companies into the market.

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